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❤️ Yoga Tales for kids

storytelling, movement and mindfulness activities

  • 45 minutes

Service Description

In these classes, little yogis can shake their tails to a fun tale, while they explore yoga poses and mindfulness activities. I deliver yoga and mindfulness in a playful yet disciplined style, engaging the children so that they become more aware of themselves and each other. As the children shake their imaginary tails and become engrossed in the relaxation exercises, their minds unconsciously develop better focus, calmness and an increase in self-esteem, whilst their bodies gain strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance. During a Yoga Tales lesson we examine how we feel in a playful way, in our head and in our body. We examine how we can be ourselves without too many incentives. We go on an adventure 🐅🦩🦕 and learn by means of relaxing movements, breathing exercises and a form of meditation - tailored to kids - to find peace and balance again. Classes are tailored for children at age appropriate levels. Timings are flexible and can be changed to meet your individual needs. Here are the suggested timings. Age 3 - 6 = 30 minutes Age 7 - 10 = 45 minutes Age 11 - 14 = 1 hour

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