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💙 Mindful Parent and Teacher Tips

How do you take care of your mind?

  • 1 hour

Service Description

The first step in helping your child become more mindful, calm and focused is to practice mindfulness in yourself. We’ve all heard that, in the event of a plane accident you put on your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else. This same principle is what we need to apply when helping children. After teaching in schools for more than a decade, I can 100% agree that is even though it goes against what we as carers and educators actually do. How many times have you found yourself at the end of the day and you’ve hardly taken time to drink a small bottle of water, never mind take a moment to just breathe? In these Mindful Parent and Teacher Tips classes, I will guide you through practises that I have learnt from research and first hand experience in a busy classroom. Because I know that the first steps can be hardest to take, I have carefully selected the most simple, non-time consuming and hugely beneficial exercises to get you started on your mindfulness journey.

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