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Mindful movement

with Hélène



My name is Hélène, and after googling, I discovered it means "shining light".

Getting to know your own inner light and shining that light out into the world, is the essence of this project. Shining Light aims to encourage and help children and the adults surrounding them to realise and feel their true worth so they can shine brightly.

I am an energetic, fun-loving and passionate Mindfulness and Movement teacher. I believe in a holistic approach to childhood education, which all starts with the adults supporting them. 

I have worked in schools for over a decade as a qualified Early Year and Primary Years teacher and leading extra curricular activities. From this experience, I place great value on fostering good relationships; this is key to my practice. Building a bond with the child, working together with parents, carers and teachers to best support children is my passion and brings me great joy. I work closely with parents from before their child is born (Pregnancy Yoga) and alongside them as they grow (Grow with Me, Family Yoga and Yoga Tales for Kids). I also support the adults on an individual level, with Hatha yoga and Mindfulness Tips.

I believe that early exposure to mindful movement and breath work enables children and the adults supporting them to become more aware of themselves, others and their surroundings. When participating in Mindfulness and Movement, children develop better focus, calmness and increased self-esteem. Furthermore, their bodies gain strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance.


Delivering these lessons to children and their families each day makes my inner light shine. How do you shine your light?

The light in me, sees the light in you.




Paola, mum

Thank you for your patience and kindness. My children love yoga so much. I have noticed a huge difference in their behaviour and focus through our months together.

Laura, mum of Mac (age 3)

Hélène is naturally such an amazing ray of sunshine She is such an enthusiastic teacher and so wonderful with children.

Carla Julian, Kids Yoga Trainer

Hélène is a wonderful yoga teacher.

Excellent with kids!! So fun & energizing!!

Love her classes!!!

Joanna, mum of Clarie (age 8)

I thank Hélène for her commitment and the most impressive part is all the preparation put into developing sessions. We loved our time together.

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